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Welcome to the Expert Portal of Swiss Physicians and Hospitals

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This is the way to find a medical expert in Switzerland

In case of an illness every patient wants the best treatment. We show patients all over the world in four languages where they can find excellent and selected medical experts in Switzerland. In the process you can use the opposite search form to look for medical disciplines, to alphabetically search for doctors´ names, clinical focus, cities and states or the referrals to physicians.

Getting into touch with medical expert directly

The experienced medical specialists and the well-equipped specialist clinics present themselves with their special service offers in the fields of diagnosis, therapy / treatment and care. Select the treatment of choice or a specialist field in which you want to be medically treated, and get into direct contact with the consultant who has specialised in your disease.

High quality ensured by stringent admission criteria

The Leading Medicine Guide Switzerland is the leading international online premium expert platform on highly qualified medical experts and clinics. Neutral and quality assured, it presents selected and recommended medical experts and clinics in Switzerland with their special service offers of outstanding quality. Only those physicians are accepted who met our stringent access requirements.